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Dragonfly's Delight'sTM


Dragonfly's Delights provides gift baskets to women who have been newly

diagnosed with breast cancer. Our goal is to offer women, who are

facing so many important decisions, a reminder to take a moment of

precious time, to pamper themselves and to breathe in the support,

strength, and hope from others. We want to encourage them to feel

empowered as they walk the path toward recovery.


Alice Kitselman founder of Dragonfly's Delights is a cancer survivor.

In December 2000, at the age of 39, Alice was diagnosed with breast

cancer and a rare form of bone cancer. Facing two surgeries and months

of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Alice's emotions ranged from

shock to despair to powerlessness.

Then, one day Alice received a package that lifted her spirits and

renewed her hope. In the package was a basket filled with wonderful and

caring gift items. The sender, also a breast cancer survivor was

unknown to Alice.

This anonymous gift with the loving note marked the road to my

healing. At that moment I ceased to feel powerless and alone and knew

that I wanted to pass a similar gift on to other women diagnosed with

breast cancer.

In October 2001, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Alice put her dreams

into action. She created the Dragonfly's Delights Foundation giving

gift baskets to help comfort and soothe women newly diagnosed with

breast cancer in Northern New Mexico.




The name Dragonfly's Delights was chosen for the dragonfly's

symbolism. Certain Native American cultures believe dragonflies

symbolize dreams, change, and enlightenment. In Japan, dragonflies

symbolize victory in battle. Dragonflies are believed to bring luck,

harmony, and serendipity. They are also symbols of immortality and

regeneration. In India the dragonfly is a symbol of the magic of



Dragonfly's Delight's Foundation partners with medical doctors and

oncologists in Northern New Mexico to provide the gift baskets to women

during their initial cancer treatment. Recipients are kept confidential

from Dragonfly's Delights to protect their anonymity.


Conceived by a breast cancer survivor, Dragonfly's Delights' gift

baskets send a compelling message to women newly diagnosed with cancer:

You are not alone. Delivered free of charge, the baskets have a

powerful positive impact on the recipients. Studies show that people

with cancer who know that they are not alone in their diagnosis are

happy and more hopeful and therefore better able to cope.


Local artists, business and individuals donate the unique gift items in

the baskets. Note how a sampling of the gifts are both useful and symbolic:

- A candle as a symbol of hope

- A humorous card to elicit a laugh

- A stuffed animal to comfort

- Poetry to stimulate introspection

- A milagro to inspire miracles

- Luxury bath items to soothe

- Art pieces to symbolize creativity

- A scarf or hat to provide warmth

- Messages of hope by cancer survivors, creating a bond.


"Your gift basket not only soothed my soul and nurtured my body and

spirit, it made me feel very special." ~Harriet




We invite individuals, artists and businesses to join our community of

supporters by donating gift items for the gift baskets. We also gladly

accept tax-deductible contributions. Please call if you would like to

join our Dragonfly's Delights volunteer network. Dragonfly's Delights

is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization.





Office / Donation Drop Off:

1925 Aspen Drive, Suite 200-B

Santa Fe, NM 87505


FAX 505.438.3034


Mailing Address

Dragonfly's Delights

pmb #286, 223 N. Guadalupe st.

Santa Fe, NM 87501




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