Fluxus got it's name in 1962 as coined by George Maciunas one of the principal players in Fluxus. This often misundestood and misinterpreted type of art
influenced many contemporary artists.Perhaps the best defintion of Fluxus is a rubberstamp made by Mr. Dick Higgins, that states

"Fluxus is not:
- a moment in history,or
- an art movement.
Fluxus is:
- a way of doing things,
- a tradition,and,
- a way of life and death."

Often Fluxus artists were participating in "Happenings", "Events" ,and "activities"that sought to take things out of their normal context
(e.g., words, images, fashions, sounds, rules, behaviors) and arrange or preform them in
new ways. For example, this is one by :Mr. Ken Friedman.

-Magic Trick #2
Walk on stage with a sledge hammer, an egg and a small tape recorder. Place the egg on one side of the stage. Place the tape recorder on the
opposite side of the stage. Turn the recorder on in the playback mode.
Walk back to the egg. Pick up the hammer. Raise it high. Wait 30 seconds and smash the egg. Stand and wait. After 15 seconds, the tape recorder
plays the noise of a chicken.

The initial Fluxus art scene included, among many others, , Ben Vautier, George Brecht, Robert Watts, John Cage, Allison Knowles, LaMonte Young, Yoko Ono (who later brought John Lennon in), AYO, Ben Patterson, Joe Jones, Joseph Bueys, Nam June Paik, Geoff Hendricks, Larry Miller & Ken Friedman.

The rest you have to figure out yourself...try here to continue your Fluxus journey...

Fluxus Bulletin Board

The Fluxus Bulletin Board seeks to be "the most comprehensive source for information about Fluxus events and activities around the world."

In addition to a list of current Fluxus events, The Fluxus Bulletin Board provides an archive of last year's known Fluxus events and performances as well as links to other Fluxus-related web sites. The bulletin board is a production and service of FLUXUS Midwest.

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